Nike Sportswear city series shoes again, this type of shoes is the selection of Air Max 1. Advance online exposure series in two, red Shanghai limited, New York white shoes are limited, with floral patterns for decoration, follow-up love friends please pay attention to our newest information. BbsImg142179869899437_670_594.jpg (128.28 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 1 series of new new city 2015-1-21 11:52 upload BbsImg142179870573672_670_602.jpg (128.64 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 1 series of new new city 2015-1-21 11:52 upload Nike, 00Due to a sh Retro jordans for sale arp drop in orders, Jiangxi Fuzhou Sheng s Footwear Company Limited was forced to announce production, 380 workers face unemployment. Fortunately, with the help of the labor department and related enterprises, 320 people have been re employed, and the temporary unemployed workers can receive free vocational training. "second days after the shoe factory was shut down, I went to work at Huayi Clothing Co., ltd.." Fuzhou Sheng Chanda Footwear Company Limited staff Gao Hualan happily told reporters, "the current economic downturn, so quickly find work, really surprised me." Fuz cheap jordans for sale mens hou Sheng s shoe industry limited company is the small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangxi province Fuzhou City Jinchao Economic Development Zone business park a Taiwanese owned enterprises, a total of 380 employees. Affected by the financial turmoil, export orders fell sharply at the beginning of March, the company was forced to announced the shutdown. that Sheng Changda shoe company will be discontinued and all employees dismissed the news, social undertakings Jinchao Economic Development Zone Bureau immediate action: on the one hand, in accordance with the relevant provision cheap foamposites s of the labor contract law, enterprise to be coordinated economic compensation for dismissal of employees; on the other hand, the relevant enterprises and timely in the park contact, help the 380 workers as soon as possible to achieve reemployment. March 4th, Sheng s Footwear Company Limited announced the shutdown. The same day, kinest Economic Development Zone organize relevant personnel within the park and Ming Heng textile, clothing, Huayi global textile, clothing, Suyin aortastar electronic more than 10 companies responsible person, will be moved to the door recruitment servic Cheap air jordans for sale e platform Sheng s Footwear Company Limited, to take on-site appointment. Ma Junli, director of Huayi clothing Limited company office said: "our company once hired 80 employees of the original Sheng Chanda Footwear Company Limited, although the job is not the same, but after a month of training, I believe that this group of workers will be able to do the work of our company." director of kinest Economic Development Zone Social Development Bureau Yu Xiaoduo said that at present, there have been 320 ecen Chanda Footwear Company Limited workers were re employment. We will pro Retro jordans for sale vide free training for workers who have not yet been employed, so as to help them find suitable new jobs as soon as possible. (Editor: admin)Although didn't want to admit it, the number of years I watch last year and finally to two digits. You see the first star or all star in Las Vegas in 2007 that year, Kobe recorded a dunk into my door and put the mall for 3 years Nike posters, still in junior high school every day I see the posters are inexplicably excited, now think the poster is really in a very long period of time are just my youth. number from 2007 to 2017, the place from Las V cheap jordans for sale egas into New Orleans, Jordan Brand released the All Star Series "Gotta Shine", a symbol of the NBA once a year Party every player has become the focus of the opportunity. not only that, "Gotta Shine" also to Michael Jordan tribute, 1982 New Orleans NCAA finals, Michael Jordan of North Carolina into the winning goal, the key moment of the blow open the Michael Jordan basketball legend Road, also shine a basket ball memory of a generation. in accordance with the original provisions, Sherlock Hornets will host the 2017 NBA all star weekend, but Sherlock's North Carolina passed a law rejec cheap jordan shoes for men tion of homosexuality in March of this year, New Orleans to become an all star new host. But Jordan Brand of the all star shoes with the symbol of Sherlock 'six side rhombic honeycomb pattern did not change. Air Jordan 31 "Gotta Shine" honeycomb pattern appeared in the tongue Air Jordan 6 "Gotta Shine" honeycomb pattern appeared in the heel in the side tongue is a symbol of Sherlock hornet LOGO in addition to the symbol of Sherlock Hornets six side diamond honeycomb pattern Logo, "Gotta Shine" also uses special bee wings purple green gradient color theme, especially in all the shoes an Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping d shoes to take the lead in Air Jordan 31 followed by TPU, it is worth mentioning that, Air Jordan 31 weaving vamp uses the six side rhombic honeycomb pattern. honeycomb weaves vamp head shoelace purple green gradient Jordan Brand the tournament's Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker and Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony who was selected to the all star race. Russell · " to be honest, you have not thought about, if you can choose a pair of "no matter how much money are willing to buy the actual shoes", without considering the shape of the case, it should hav Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e what kind of technology configuration? this time, we have to discuss, if you do not consider the brand restrictions, can now exist in the strongest combat shoes in the end is what it looks like, and what kind of configuration? vamp for different players, have different upper requirements, forward or heavier players generally need to protect and support, and quick guards or some breakthrough players tend to be more inclined to choose more lightweight shoes. is the pursuit of the protection and support of shoes, shoes will be more serious, no doubt. Known as the "Nike forward techno cheap jordans online logy essence" of the LeBron series of shoes in recent years on the choice of the vamp coated Posite material reinforced protective shoes vamp. But in an important position to increase Posite instead of directly using Posite also increased the ductility of the shoe uppers, to some extent reduce the quality of the shoes. LeBron11 to the 13 generation using Posite overlay design effort for LeBronJames escort NikeLeBron13EliteLBJ13 James 13 elite high 831924-606-170 $899 to buy and defender of the quality requirements for shoes shoes vamp guard with the progress of science and technology more and more light. In recent years, considerable progress of woven materials to some extent will also take into account the shoes of the "light" and "high support of". Because Flyknit is harder than the Primeknit (some also shows the better support, and some) to win in the selection of vamp in knitting. In order to ensure the protection of the shoes, followed by placement of TPU (you can choose double decker TPU, like Rose7 or like Lillard 2 as the external TPU is surrounded by) for shoes habitual configuration. Light Flyknit and enough package support makes the lightweight shoes came to a new era, and Hyperdunk2016FK followed by Tpu to a certain extent also provides ankle protection. The Rio NikeHyperdunk2016HDFlyknitUnlimited black color 843390-017 $1149 to buy D-Rose7 and TPU double protection also allows Adidas to get rid of a few years ago the actual shoes "protective" hat 's recommended AdidasRose7Boost actual basketball shoes AQ7743/B72840/B54136 $899 to buy As for the choice of level to help...... This is all free to play. liner 〉 maybe to a distinction between hyper and series of other shoes, overwhelmed by the release of the new Nike Hyperquickness in appearance and before a generation has larger difference, front side of the opening type design, internal Flywire dynamic fly line at a glance, and the outsole injection, and 2015 HyperRev is exactly the same. The detailed information available when passengers please pay attention to the follow-up reports. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search for "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number lower right corner you can download and install!!